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Who the hell are The Nosey Parkers?

On the Nose was established in August 2018 with one simple mission in mind: to be the best 90's nostalgic TV podcast show, targeting a specific UK audience of 26-34 year-olds, with nothing better to do than stroke two guys' egos.

We are Sam & Dan, two old schoolmates who refuse to work properly for a living, who trust our banks will not demand us to repay our overdrafts back any time soon, and have an unhealthy obsession with TV shows.

So far in the podcast, we've learnt that Dan has a huge selection of Radio Times magazines dating back to 1995 and that Sam is allergic to everything.

We love the sound of our own voices and believe there's no reason why you wouldn't love them too.

Please see the picture below which we feel encapsulates our friendship beautifully.